Tournament Rules "2016"

1) Home team is listed first.
Home team will provide game ball.
Home team will change uniform in a color/conflict
Players may play on one team only.

2) the Wining team is responsible for turning in game scores after each game, to the scorekeeper (one of the guy's on the golf carts), or Snack bar.
3) Two 35 minute half's per game (with a four minute half time)
4) All games results are final.
5) Any red carded player will sit out next game
6) All tie's stand
Except in Semi Final's and Championship games. (1st thru 5th)
If tied two 5 minute overtimes will be played, Golden Goal will be used during over time. The team that scores first is the winner.
  if still tied, then by P.K.'s if necessary 5 and 5
then 1 and 1 until someone wins.

7) Scoring:
6 points for a WIN.
3 points for a TIE.
0 points for a LOSS.
1 point for a shutout
1 point per goal, maximum three goals per game.
   (0-0 tie game will equal four points. Shutout + Tie)
8) If teams are tied in points at the conclusion of the preliminary round, the following will be used to determine which teams advance, to the Final Games:
  1. Results of  head to head between teams.
  2. Most goals scored to maximum of 5 per game.
  3. Least goals allowed.
  4. Goal Differential (Goals scored minus goals allowed to a max. differential of 5 per game).
  5. Kicks taken from the penalty spot per FIFA. (If more then three teams are tied, we will go to tie breaker #6 "coin flip")
  6. Coin flip odd women out.


9)   5 Team Flights:
  1. All teams will play each other in group.

  2. 1st - 5th Place will be based on Total Points

  3. Awards will be given 1st - 2nd Place

10)   6 Team Flights:
  1. Winners of group A plays 2nd of Group B.
  2. Winners of group B plays 2nd of Group A.
  3. Winners of semi 1 and 2, go to Championship game.
  4. Awards given to 1st thru 2nd.
11)   8 Team Flights:
  1. Winners of groups will play for Championship. 
  2. 2nd place teams in group, will play in 3rd place games.
  3. Awards given to 1st thru 4th.
12)   12 Team Flights:
  1. Winners of groups go to semi's.
  2. Winners of semi's go to Championship game.
  3. Looser of semi's go to 3rd place games.
  4. Awards given to 1st thru 4th 
13)  11th and 12th grade players can only play on varsity squads, regardless of age.
14)   In rare cases tournament rules maybe modified,  "for the good of the game".  All the teams and/or the teams effected  will be notified in advance.

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